Candiates who have submited there application between 06-09-2023 To 26-09-2023 period are requested to REAPPLY again.
Advertisement No.TtitleStart DateLast DateExtended DateApply
2024/CSIR-NCL/PSE/HCP44-09/262 Filling Up Of Positions For Engagement As Project Associate II For R & D Of PEM Fuel Cells 23/05/202430/05/2024 
2024/CSIR-NCL/CEPD/IHP240004/261 Advertisement For The Position Of Project Asscocite-1 23/05/202414/06/2024 
2024/CSIR-NCL/PSE/FBR050303/260 Filling Up Of Positions For Engagement As A Senior Project Associate For CSIR Project Taken Up In The Lab. 22/05/202403/06/2024 
2024/CSIR-NCL/CAF/TSP026526/259 Filling Up Of Positions For Project Associate-I For Electron Microscopy Facility, CAF 22/05/202405/06/2024 
2024/CSIR-NCL/CAT/MLP046126/258 Filling Up Positions Of PA-I And PA-II 22/05/202429/05/2024 
2024/CSIR-NCL/CEPD/FTT060504/255 Engagement Of Project Associate - II For Project On Fuel Cell E-Tractor: Development Of Drive Train 22/05/202428/05/2024 
2024/CSIR-NCL/PSE/FBR050303/254 Filling Up Of Positions For Engagement As Project Associate I And II For CSIR Project Taken Up In The Lab. 21/05/202403/06/2024 
2024/CSIR-NCL/PSE/FBR030309/253 Filling Up Of A Position For Engagement As A Project Associate-I (PA - I) 20/05/202407/06/2024 
2024/CSIR-NCL/CAT/GAP340226/251 Chemistry Of Ring Expanded NHC With Main-Group Elements 16/05/202431/05/2024 
2024/CSIR-NCL/CEPD/IHP240002/250 CFD And Experimental Study Of Continuous Emulsification Using Static Mixers 20/05/202402/06/2024 
2024/CSIR-NCL/PMC/OLP003326/249 Low-Dimensional Inorganic Halide Perovskite IHP, Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Perovskite OIHP, And Their Multidimensional Nanocomposite: Synthesis, Photophysical Properties, And Optoelectronic Applications 15/05/202425/05/2024 
2024/CSIR-NCL/PSE/GAP333426/248 Iron-Catalyzed Hydroformylation Of Alkenes And Alkynes Under Mild Conditions 15/05/202428/05/2024 
2024/CSIR-NCL/PMC/GAP333526/247 Filling Up Of Position(S) For Engagement As Project Assistant -II Under Sponsored Projects Taken Up In The Lab. 10/05/202422/05/2024 
2024/CSIR-NCL/BIO/HCP47/241 Filling Up Of Position(S) For The Engagement As Project Associate In The Project "Phenome India-CSIR Health Cohort Knowledgebase 15/05/202427/05/2024 
2024/CSIR-NCL/PMC/FTT060511/240 Advertisement For Project Associate-I Under Govt. Sponsored Project (Title Of The Project: Dye Solar Modules For Enhanced Indoor Light Harvesting As Airport Facades: Development, Integration And Deployment) 01/05/202423/05/2024 
2024/CSIR-NCL/SCI OUTR/HCP-0101/238 Temporary Position One Each For Job- 1) Science Outreach / Scicomm And 2)Information Technology / IT : Jigyasa 2.0: Virtual Laboratory Integration (School Students) 08/05/202406/06/2024