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2022/CSIR-NCL/CEPD/HCP44-02/231 Hydrogen Generation Using Methanol Reforming Coupled With Separation Using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) And Membrane Techniques 01-12-202209-12-2022 
2022/CSIR-NCL/CAT/HCP44-08/230 Filling Up Of Positions For Engagement As Project Associate - I 30-11-202214-12-2022 
2022/CSIR-NCL/PSE/MLP042526/229 Synthesis Of Poly (Ethylene-B-Styrene-B-Ethylene) (ESE) Triblobk Copolymers Using Anionic Polymerization And Development Of Alkanline Anion Exchange Membrane (AAEM) Therefrom - Phase I. 30-11-202209-12-2022 
2022/CSIR-NCL/CEPD/SSP304626/228 Lab Scale Process Development-Proof Of Concept For Aminopropanol 28-11-202207-12-2022 
2022/CSIR-NCL/PMC/OLP003326/227 Filling Up Of A Position For Engagement As A Project Associate-I 24-11-202203-12-2022 
2022/CSIR-NCL/ORG/HCP23/226 Sickle Cell Anemia Phase II (ORGANIC) OCD/SCA/PA-I/Nov2022 23-11-202205-12-2022 
2022/CSIR-NCL/CAT/TSP026726/225 Recruitment Of Temporary Manpower - Testing Of Catalyst 22-11-202204-12-2022 
2022/CSIR-NCL/CEPD/GAPTBD/224 Project Assistant For DBT NNP 21-11-202205-12-2022 
2022/CSIR-NCL/CEPD/GAP334826/223 Project Scientist Working In Bioinformatics Center At NCL 21-11-202205-12-2022