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2023/CSIR-NCL/NCIM/MLP103926/19 SPA Bioinformatics Vacancy On Wastewater Cov Surveillance Project 27-01-202306-02-2023 
2023/CSIR-NCL/CEPD/SSP304626/18 Lab Scale Process Development-Proof Of Concept For Aminopropanol 25-01-202302-02-2023 
2023/CSIR-NCL/NCIM/MLP103926/17 PA- I Vacancy On Wastewater Based Epidemiological Monitoring Of SARS-Cov-2 23-01-202331-01-2023 
2023/CSIR-NCL/BIO/GAP336726/16 Bacterial Toxin Engineering For Semi-Rational Design Of Selective Insecticidal Molecule Against Spodoptera Frugiperda 24-01-202330-01-2023 
2023/CSIR-NCL/HRM/HCP-0101/12 Filling Up Of Five (4) Positions For Engagement Of Project Associate II (2 Positions), Project Assistant I (1 Position),Scientific Administrative Assistant ( 1 Position): Jigyasa 2.0: Virtual Laboratory Integration (School Students) 19-01-202305-02-2023 
2023/CSIR-NCL/CAT/HCP44-08/9 Filling Up Of Positions For Engagement As Scientific Administrative Assistant 16-01-202331-01-2023 
2023/CSIR-NCL/PSC/MLP041926/5 Project Assistant 20-01-202303-02-2023