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2023/CSIR-NCL/PSE/TSP027426/217 Recruitment Of Project Associate –II For The Project Titled, “Preparation Of 500G Encapsulated Pesticide” 03-04-202317-04-2023 
2023/CSIR-NCL/ORG/TSP026626/216 Filling Up Of Position For Engagement As Project Associate- I Under Sponsored Projects Taken Up In The Lab. 01-04-202310-04-2023 
2023/CSIR-NCL/CAT/HCP44-06/215 PA-I Recruitment For Project Titled "Pyrolysis Of Methane" 28-03-202308-04-2023 
2023/CSIR-NCL/PSE/GAP330426/214 Development Of Cyclic Carbonate Terminated Polyethers For NIPU 29-03-202307-04-2023 
2023/CSIR-NCL/CAT/GAP333926/213 Project Associate-I 28-03-202310-04-2023 
2023/CSIR-NCL/BIO/GAP329226/212 Filling Up Of Position(S) For Engagement As Project Associate II For Sponsored Project Taken Up In The Lab 27-03-202303-04-2023